Caring Professionals Helping People with Special Needs

Parents, School Administrators, Advocates/Attorneys, and Practitioners

Child and Educational Advocacy

Identifying appropriate educational services for a child determined to
be "at risk" for academic, social, or emotional failure.

Planning for the Lifetime Needs of an Individual with Special Needs

Preserving the standard of living and quality of life of an individual
with special needs.

Educational Staff Development, Workshops, and Conference Presentations

Obtaining motivating and informative keynote presentations, workshops
demonstrated to improve practice and outcomes for children, and effective
and lasting staff development.


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Parents & Child Advocates

If you have a child who is under 21 years of age, you may be interested in:

If you have a child with a severe disability, you may be interested in:


If you have an interest in improving outcomes for children with disabilities you may be interested in the ability of our faculty and staff to provide cutting edge:

Attorneys & Advocates

If you are an attorney or advocate seeking to assist a person or the family of a person with a disability, we may be able to help:

Person first language (for example: "a child with a disability" versus a "disabled child") is used on this web site unless the document presented preexisted the movement or as a result of mistake or inadvertence. The word "disability" is used in lieu of "differently able" or other alternative; with the understanding we all have many deficits that are not currently considered disabilities only because they do not effect our ability to function at this time or in this culture.